Recruiting Service

What Can OCBridge Offer in Recruitment Services?

Direct Hire

OCBridge’s direct hire service include “Contingent” and “Contained” provides businesses with top-quality candidates for long-term, full-time positions. Our team of experts uses advanced technology and a thorough recruiting process to find the perfect fit for your company.


OCBridge’s RaaS model provides an “on-site” senior recruiters accompanied by back-office sources to support multiple roles. This service can help organizations needing assistance with a limited number of open positions within a specified budget.


Our Recruitment Processing Outsourcing (RPO) service streamlines your recruitment process and saves time and resources by sourcing top talent with our tailored solutions, expert team, and AI tools. We handle all aspects of recruitment, from sourcing to background checks, to find the best fit for each role.

Best Candidates

We design tailor-made solutions for each hiring assignment and thoroughly vet and compare candidates. Through this process, we ensure that we only recommend the best of the best.

Fast Hiring

Powered by AI technologies, automation tools and biggest open-to-opportunity talent pool, our recruiters are able to recommend candidates five times faster than our competitors

Diversity Recruitment

Our recruiting tool OCInsights make our recruiters easy to find candidates from underrepresented groups such as Female, Black, Hispanic, Asian, and military veteran talents.

What Powers Our Best Service?

OCInsights Platform

OCInsights is a business division of OCBridge that focuses on enhancing the efficiency of recruitment for both our internal consultants and in-house HR teams. This automation tool makes it easy for our recruiters to access the top candidates.

  • The largest open-to-opportunity high-end talent pool in the tech industry

  • Our recommendations and automation help recruiters save 90% of sourcing time

  • Unique sourcing filters enable recruiters to significantly improve hiring accuracy

Proprietary CRM System

Our proprietary CRM system continuously monitors the employment status and job-seeking intentions of candidates in our talent pool. This allows us to quickly and efficiently match the best candidates to our client's open roles. 

  • Our CRM system keeps in touch with passive candidates and regularly provides them with valuable career information

  • We continuously grow and nurture our talent pool by providing valuable career information and insights.

  • Our R&D team works with consultants to keep improving our proprietary CRM system

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