Data Science Manager 3077

San Jose, US-United States
Posted 2 weeks ago
About The Company

This company pioneers short-form video creation and social engagement, boasting a vast, engaged user base. Its platform empowers users with creative tools, filters, and effects. With a diverse content ecosystem, it’s a hub of creativity and expression. The proprietary algorithm ensures personalized content feeds, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction. This company wields significant influence on digital media, making it an invaluable partner for innovative collaborations and marketing endeavors.


– Define risk control measurements. Quantify, generalize and monitor risk related business and operational metrics. Align risk teams and their stakeholders on risk control numeric goals, promote impact-oriented, data-driven data science practices for risks.
– Analyze business and security data, uncover evolving attack motion, identify weaknesses and opportunities in risk defense solutions, explore new space from discoveries.
– Establish and enhance risk defense strategy, build rules and algorithms to respond to and mitigate business risks in TikTok products/platforms. Such risks include and are not limited to abusive accounts, fake engagements, social spam, financial fraud, etc.
– Within the given managerial scope, uplevel data science excellence and culture, support career growth of data scientists and partner teammates, deepen XFN collaboration, empower the team for long term success.

Minimum Qualifications

– Proficiency in data science analytical tools, such as SQL, R and Python;
– Experience in being tech leads or DS managers.
– Possess at least one advantage among risk control, modern machine learning, measurement-and-experiment-driven product iteration. Tracking records of making successful mid/long term technical strategic bets.

Preferred Qualifications

– Master or above degree in computer science, statistics, math, or a related scientific major;
– 5 years of industry experience in relevant data mining domains. Example topics include (not limit to): search and ranking, recommendation, ads, anti-fraud/abuse, financial risk control. Good at telling data stories.
– Ownership; proactive, skillful, candid and clear communication; ability to handle high complexity, urgency, cross-functional alignment; stay empathetic.

Job Features

Job CategoryData Science
SeniorityManager / Senior Manager
Base Salary$201,000 - $395,200

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